What’s to come

The songs are now written for The Lunar Phase Volume 2. This record will combine elements from both of our previous efforts while wrapping up the theme of “The Lunar Phase”. This side of the record will explore the darker aspects of our sound with a return of the raw aggression featured on “The New Chemical”.  “The Lunar Phase Volume 1” was intentionally written with a more relaxed sound to contrast our first effort, “The New Chemical”. As a result it featured down-tempo songs like Look where we are and experimental songs like “When I am Under”. “The Lunar Phase Volume 2” will feature at least 6 songs and will be a full-band effort featuring our greatest work. Expect a Summer 2016 release. This one needs to steep until it is just right. first-man-on-moon-walking-on-the-moon_w725_h549

Getting into the creative mood.

Whither the Tide is currently taking a short break to get into a creative mood. We plan to deliver our best record bringing all of our elements together.  To do this, we need to break away from the frequency of live performances we have been keeping. This will allow us to focus on the material and deliver a truly excellent work to all our listeners. Keep checking here for any news.